Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Clexi app is free.

Yes, it is available for both iPhone and Android phones.

You can easily login to your Clexi account on a new phone and keep using your secure drive.

First, no worries, no one can have access to your data. You may also freeze or wipe out your Clexi remotely.

Via Clexi app, you can share your drive with others. Send an invitation to either a phone number or email address and set a security question with an answer only you and your intended recipient know.

Via Clexi app, you are able to manage for how long you want to share your drive with others.

Via Clexi app, you are able to add as many as Clexi drives and manage each separately.

If you lose your drive, you can easily freeze or wipe out your data remotely via your account on the Clexi web app.

This feature is coming soon. It will help users locate their lost Clexi drives.

You can lock/unlock your Clexi drive even without an active internet connection. You just need a connection for the 1st time registration or when you want to share your drive.

We offer a 1-year guarantee on our products.

Since all of the cloud services are password based, and tend to be hacked, using cloud storages are not reliable. As cyber security is becoming a bigger concern, there is nowhere safer than your secure drive to keep your data.

Please make sure the Clexi drive is unlocked via the app and the USB cable is firmly attached to the drive.

Please be sure that when adding a new drive, keep the top of your phone as close as possible to your Clexi device as long as it blinks red.

You need to get a USB 3.0 cable to reach the read/write speed of 400MB/s. USB 2 cables can ultimately reach 40MB/s.