Smart Secure SSD Drive with the Most Convenient / Trusted Unlock Method via Smartphone


Cléxi is the world’s 1st smart secure SSD drive. It provides secure and quick access to your data as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. You can share your data in a trusted way with others and remotely manage your drive. Cléxi can be used on PC, Linux, Mac, Android & iOS, TV, Game consoles, and more.

Watch Clexi in action!

Data Security for Organizations

Any organization has sensitive data that should only be accessible to certain employees. Clexi offers a complete solution to organizations/ businesses by providing both Clexi secure drives and a remote management console. IT administrators can authorize employees and give access to sensitive data or revoke anytime.


Highly Secure, Easy Unlock!

Cléxi encrypts and stores your data securely without sacrificing convenience. We have made it all easy for you to open your SSD drive as convenient as unlocking your smartphone. Plug & Play; No additional software is required.

  • Tap your smartphone on Cléxi
  • Authenticate yourself
  • Cléxi is ready to go

Message-based Data sharing

The message-based sharing feature allows data sharing without losing control over confidentiality. Share your Cléxi easily with the trusted ones via a phone number or an email address. Plus, how long data can be shared is under your control.

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Access Managment

You can freeze or wipe out your Cléxi remotely through the Cléxi app. Therefore, even if your drive is lost or stolen you never have to worry about your privacy. Also, you can sign up for a Clexi ID to keep access to your data permanently if you get a new phone.

Find My Cléxi

Track the location of your Cléxi!
No worries if you lost your Cléxi! You’ll be notified as soon as someone tries to use your drive! “Find My Cléxi” feature will let you know the exact location of your device!

High Speed Data Transfer

Experience the fast and high-speed massive file transferring with the incredible speed of USB 3.1. Store up to 1 TB of data and enjoy the high read and write speeds of 400 MB/s.

Shock Proof

Cléxi SSD drives are rugged. Meaning they are protected in a silicone-wrapped crush-resistant case that is light and shockproof

Pocket Size

Size matters! Especially when it comes to an everyday carry SSD drive. Cléxi allows you to carry 1 TB of data in a drive smaller than a credit card without any hassle.